Thoughtful Questions to Ask New Mothers

Thoughtful Questions to Ask New Mothers

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting and happy experience. As a friend or family member of a new mother, you want to help and show your love and support, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to say or do, that will be most helpful for the new family.
One great way to connect with a new Mum is by asking thoughtful questions. Here are some questions you can ask a new mother that are caring and thoughtful and designed to offer support.

How are you feeling?
This simple question can go a long way in helping a new mother feel seen and heard. So often all the attention is put on the new baby, and the mother can be forgotten. It's important to remember that giving birth and caring for a newborn can be physically and emotionally challenging. Asking how a new mother is feeling shows that you care about her well-being and are there to support her. This is an important question to ask often as every day is so different in those early weeks, and emotions can change so quickly.

Can I help with anything?
Offering specific help, such as running errands, cooking meals, or holding the baby so the new mum can sleep or rest, can be incredibly helpful to a new mum who is adjusting to her new role. Or if the Mum has older children, maybe offer to take them out for a few hours, or a quick clean of the house can be really appreciated.

How are you sleeping?
Sleep deprivation is a common struggle for new parents. A very common question to new mums is, 'how is the baby sleeping?'. Instead, ask the mum how she is sleeping. This can open up a conversation about any challenges the new Mum is facing with sleep. And as mentioned above, offer to help with the baby so she can take a nap during the day.

How have you been taking care of yourself?
Self-care can be easily overlooked when caring for a new baby. Asking this question can open up a conversation about what she's doing to take care of herself. 

I'm always here if you need help or just to talk.
Becoming a mother is a life-changing experience. It's so beautiful but can also be challenging. Give the new Mum the permission and opportunity to share her experience and share her thoughts and feelings about motherhood.

Every new Mum's experience is unique, so be sure to listen, ask about the Mum along with the baby, and offer support where you can.