Mission Statement

At EcoNest we encourage, support and market environmentally conscious suppliers of eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products in the retail market.

Our Commitment

We at EcoNest believe in providing the very best in adult and children’s clothing as well as soft toys sourced from accredited eco-friendly producers. We are passionate about the environment and take great care in ensuring that our products are of high quality and are also manufactured from sustainable products, are eco-friendly and good for you and the environment.  

Our Brands


The Mushie brand was born out of a need to find the highest quality products for babies. Products that were hygienic and safe.

But Mushie was often frustrated by her findings in the market. Potentially harmful plastics and chemical dyes didn't seem like the right thing for a baby, but eco-friendly products were often out of budget.

Mushie didn't give up hope. She sought out the highest quality products resulting in hours of research and coming up with the fantastic range of sustainable and eco-friendly products that we are proud to offer.

Mushie is committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. They seek out sustainable and eco-conscious materials along with modern, minimalist design for affordable products that moms love as much as babies.


FRIGG, a line of Danish-crafted baby products made to fit seamlessly and stylishly into our daily lives. All of the Frigg products are designed with safety and beauty in mind—and intended to promote health and wellness for babies.

With clean lines, warm colors, and non-toxic materials, Frigg products bring peace and beauty to your growing family.