Top 8 Baby Shower Gifts

Top 8 Baby Shower Gifts

Planning to attend a baby shower soon and not sure what to get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve curated a list of the top ten baby shower gifts that are not only popular but also incredibly useful and thoughtful. These gifts are sure to delight both the parents and the new baby.

1. Knitted Baby Blanket
A baby blanket is a beautiful keepsake that families can keep for years. Perfect for cots, the car, the pram, the floor or a picnic. Keep baby warm and cozy. The Mushie knitted blanket made from 100% organic cotton is soft, versatile, and perfect for all types of weather.

2. Baby's First Pacifier 4-pack
It can be difficult for new parents to figure out which pacifier is the best one for their little one. FRIGG’s ‘Baby’s First pacifier’ set consists of 4 different FRIGG pacifiers with different nipple materials and nipple shapes, giving parents the opportunity to try out various pacifiers to find out which one their baby likes the most.

3. Chunky Knit Set
Made with organic cotton, our Chunky Knit sets are designed to keep baby warm. Designed for function and style, the Chunky Knit Pant pairs with the Chunky Knit Sweater and Chunky Knit Beanie for a complete, cozy, look. Available in beautiful soft tones that work for all boys and girls.

4. Portable Changing Mat
The Mushie portable changing mat is lightweight and compact when folded, with a handle on the side, so it can easily be taken anywhere you go. The soft quilted texture and large size make it comfortable and convenient to change your baby on any surface.

5. Muslin Cloth 3 Pack
The ultimate in versatility. Calming mini blankets, wraps, shade covers, change mats or cleaning cloths. Light and breathable, the muslin cloths are 100% organic cotton with an extra soft layer. Each set includes three cloths because you never have enough muslin cloths!

6. Teethers
Our range of teethers are designed to provide ultimate comfort and relief for little ones during the challenging teething phase. Our collection is huge! Choose from simple shapes, out-of-space shapes, animals, rattles, links, rings and so much more. Made from food-grade silicone each teether is highly durable and easy to clean.

7. Food Feeders and Food Freezer Trays
Get prepared in advance for that exciting food introduction phase. Create a beautiful set with Food Feeders, a versatile two-piece with a handle that is easily held by little fingers and small holes to release the right amount of fresh or frozen favourites. And always have food on hand with the Food Freezer Trays. Perfect for storing prepared food and milk for the little ones and simplifying the whole prep work process for parents. The soft silicone base allows you to pop out the frozen baby food when needed easily.

8. Bath Play Sets
Make bath time fun and let the child's imagination travel far and wide with the fun time bath play sets. Available in vehicles, sea life, and boats. So fun from an early age right through to the toddler phases. These top baby shower gifts are sure to be a hit. Choose something that can be used from day one or can be put aside, ready to go for new phases. These products combine practicality, thoughtfulness, and a touch of sentiment, all available from your favourite baby retailers.. Happy gifting!